Rewriting Time!

As I mentioned in my last post, the first draft of Ticked Off had been completed and been passed on to another author for assessment. As that’s now complete, and I’m in re-writing mode, I thought I’d go into more detail about my thought process behind that decision.

I’d always intended for Ticked Off to be read in its early stages by a more experienced author who could not only give me objective and constructive criticism but also¬†understand where I was trying to go with the story. Sending the manuscript to a literary consultant was always my plan, but I was concerned that the reader they chose may not be of the right genre, and might not ‘get’ the book and its intended target audience.

That’s why I had little hesitation in sending the first draft to Louise Voss, who not only critiques manuscripts for writers such as myself but is also a successful writer in her own right, both with solo novels and her collaborations with Mark Edwards. Their joint website, with contact details, can be found¬†here.

Louise came back with a really positive critique of the first draft, and lots of great suggestions for taking it to the next level. I’m now in the middle of that process. As the first draft was in pretty good shape, it’s not a huge structural rewrite as such, just a tweaking of a few scenes and a rejigging of the plot, mainly in the latter stages, to inject some more mystery into proceedings and flesh out two or three of the characters.

Head down, nose to the proverbial grindstone, I should have this done within the next week or so, before getting the second draft out to a few beta readers to give it the once over. If that goes well and I haven’t ruined my first draft with the new changes, I’ll be aiming to upload the completed book to be available on Kindle in early June. Fingers, toes and eyes will be crossed for that!

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